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Light Can be stained Needs to be treated properly Blunts tools quickly Is a thermo plastic and therefore can be formed to most desired shapes and can be recycled Can dent easily Can shatter easily Easily fixed Easily shaped Can tear The design for each segment is also very clever in the way it all folds down to save space when opened. This could be very good at the dinner table or at parties when serving particular food stuffs as not only does it look good and save space, but it also is very mobile.

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Sand the circular piece down so it is about 20 mm smaller in radius and then re join it in the centre of the hole just made with wood glue. This is now the handle. Production Schedule Evidence of Making Manufacturing Evaluation Analysis of Brief Product Analysis Research Chosen Idea CAD Drawings Models You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

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GCSE Design and Technology Project, Resistant Materials- Breadbin

No notes for slide. The latest problem is found in the kitchen.

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The mind boggler that we are going to solve this time is the breadbin. The reasoning for this is that on the work top there tends to be not enough space to cook without having something in the way, therefore other than being cluttered this can cause a variety of hazards, such as pans tipping up, sharp objects can cause injury to a person and if the breadbin itself is left open the bread can become off. Therefore the breadbin also needs to be airtight to stop the bread going off. This will include an airtight breadbin with the usefulness of a pull out breadboard with handmade bespoke knives and a useful storage space for condiments and other kitchen objects.

Must be airtight to keep bread fresh 4. Must be safe to handle — so not cumbersome, i. Must be able to be easily cleaned 7. Tesco, Homebase, e. Style- Retro Colour- Orange powder coat Components- Sheet steel body, Tempered steel rod handle, piano hinge Style- modern Colour- jet black and brushed steel Colour- Natural white oak Components- White oak body, white oak lid, white oak knob handle Components-Aluminium Base, Bendy Plastic sheet for lid with magnetic strips for lid to seal Pull off lid,the most reliable system, it involves a lid with a projection.


All that needs to be done is for the lid to pull off Cupboard hinge, a variation on a door hinge, usually found in cupboards. Slightly difficult to fit and tends to become loose on its own.

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  • Medium priced Rolling slats, this has the best look and fun of operation. When fitted right moves smoothly. Slats need to be perfectly fitted and made and therefore not too cheap.

    The machine has a long column which is fastened to the floor of the workshop. The machine is used to drill holes into a range of materials, including: timber, plastics, metal and some modelling materials.

    When using any piece of machinery, it is important to strictly follow the health and safety rules. Twist drill bits A drill bit is a cutting tool used to make cylindrical holes in materials. The drill bit has a cutting edge at one end and a smooth section at the other known as the shank. The dill bit is held in the chuck of the drill using the shank. Drill bits are available in a range of lengths and diameters.

    They have a stiff metal cap which runs on the opposite side of the cutting edge, allowing for greater control. These saws are generally used to cut joints from timber.

    Coping saw A coping saw is a hand saw traditionally used to cut intricate shapes in wood or with the correct blade plastic. Gentle curves can be cut by slowly turning the frame of the saw using the handle. Care must be taken, as applying too much force can often break the blade. The teeth on the blade should always face the back towards the handle.

    Resistant materials folder coursework
    Resistant materials folder coursework
    Resistant materials folder coursework
    Resistant materials folder coursework
    Resistant materials folder coursework
    Resistant materials folder coursework
    Resistant materials folder coursework
    Resistant materials folder coursework

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