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The Structure of the Process Paper

Before you even begin the process of writing, take some time to consider who your audience is and what they want from you.

Use the following questions to help you identify your audience and what you can do to address their wants and needs:. This is the hard part. As we said earlier, you want to show your instructor that you know the material. But different assignments call for varying degrees of information. Different fields also have different expectations. For more about what each field tends to expect from an essay, see the Writing Center handouts on writing in specific fields of study.

The best place to start figuring out how much you should say about each part of your paper is in a careful reading of the assignment. We give you some tips for reading assignments and figuring them out in our handout on how to read an assignment. The assignment may specify an audience for your paper; sometimes the instructor will ask you to imagine that you are writing to your congressperson, for a professional journal, to a group of specialists in a particular field, or for a group of your peers.

Now, knowing your imaginary audience, what other clues can you get from the assignment? If the assignment asks you to summarize something that you have read, then your reader wants you to include more examples from the text than if the assignment asks you to interpret the passage. If your assignment asks you to interpret or analyze the text or an event or idea , then you want to make sure that your explanation of the material is focused and not so detailed that you end up spending more time on examples than on your analysis.

If you are not sure about the difference between explaining something and analyzing it, see our handouts on reading the assignment and argument. Once you have a draft, try your level of explanation out on a friend, a classmate, or a Writing Center coach. Now is not the time to talk about proofreading stuff, so make sure she ignores those issues for the time being. You will likely get one of the following responses or a combination of them:.

For example, imagine you are researching piranhas; you find an article in National Geographic and another one in an academic journal for scientists. How would you expect the two articles to sound? Generally, you want your reader to know enough material to understand the points you are making.

Writers tend to read over their own papers pretty quickly, with the knowledge of what they are trying to argue already in their minds. Once you have managed to do it, you need to provide a comprehensive description of each of the steps within the stages of the process. Remember that it is of utmost importance to provide detailed information about the issue, i. Thus, you will not miss any chief points and present the steps in a logical manner. Note that creating a good paper requires making a clear plan that will help you achieve great results. Total price: Whatever the process essay definition you decide to focus on, you cannot go without conducting at least some research.

Even if you have brilliant knowledge of the process, you still need to learn the academic terminology and use evidence from other sources to support your claims. While conducting your research, make notes.

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List the key considerations and thoughts you have on the topic, so that you do not miss anything when writing the paper. This way, you will find it easier to write a logical step-by-step process essay for your audience. Apart from describing the process itself, you may wish to mention the equipment and instruments your readers might need to accomplish your task.

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Finally, this is the point where you organize your material around the core idea and start writing your paper. After you manage to create the first draft, revise and edit it thoroughly. Make sure the paper does not contain any mistakes, when you submit it for review. Writing a process essay can be much easier and academically sound, if you use topic sentences and transitional words. You can use many such words to develop logical associations between your ideas and paragraphs. Also, do not miss any steps in the process you are describing, so that the reader does not feel confused.

Do not hide your emotions. If you really want your reader to enjoy what you do, emotions can become your success factor in writing. Do not forget about an introduction, so that the reader has some basic idea about what you are going to describe. If you are searching for process essay topics, we recommend you read the following list. The suggestions we have included here are designed to give you inspiration for your next process essay. Use your essay to explain the following processes to your readers:.

While it is true that the majority of people nowadays are familiar with texting, it is still likely you know someone who has not mastered the art. For example, a grandparent, a great-grandparent, or a young child may need to be taught how to create and send a text. When writing this process, select the words you use with care.

Some technologies can be quite complex to grasp so be careful not to use an excessive amount of terms your readers may not be familiar with.


The tricky part here is understanding what constitutes a good profile in terms of how other online users will view it. People look for a range of personal characteristics and traits in their ideal partner. Therefore, when writing this process essay, your main task is to decide on the type of partner you would hope to get the attention of and then describe to your readers how to go about attracting a person like this. If, for example, you are a dog-lover but do not want to attract people who like cats, you should say so when creating your online profile.

Almost every Facebook user - at some time or other - needs help altering the privacy options on this site. However, it is easy to let an essay explaining this process to become a list of technical directions. Therefore, it can help to try and find a smart or witty way of describing the steps involved in changing these settings i.

It may be that you have previously taken a selfie you did not like and immediately deleted it without uploading it to a social media site.

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In this case then, it is likely you understand what users should not do when they set about taking selfies. The question is, what are the key components of a satisfactory selfie? Does how a person pose, how they smile, who is with them, or what is in the background have a bearing? Your task is to explain how to handle all of these aspects in order to end up with an enviable selfie.

It may be that you have a real flair for style and feel that people you know could do with a bit of advice. So why not use your process essay to assist them. Explain what is required to look great by giving guidance on, for example, hair re-styling, a makeover, a fantastic new coat, and whatever you think fits the bill.

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  7. Although there are many times in life when it is important to make a great first impression, there are two occasions that really stand out. These are job interviews and first dates. Needless to say, your advice on how a reader should dress, act, and speak will differ for each of these scenarios.

    Therefore, this type of essay cannot be too general since each situation will require a particular approach. Choose a specific situation and write about that. It may be that you hand-make some type of product and have become adept at selling your wares on the e-commerce site Etsy? Maybe you have generated sufficient money to be able to quit your other part or full-time job?

    If this is the case, why not share your inside knowledge, experiences, and tips for succeeding with other potential Etsy users by way of a process essay? Because this process tends to involve a set of step-by-step instructions, it can be quite challenging to describe in an essay. Try not to just write a list of instructions.

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    Do your best instead to incorporate some practical tips and advice on what the reader should not do. You could even consider including the odd funny story about the mistakes you made yourself and the valuable lessons you learned from these! If you choose to explain the process of drawing something - in this case a cat - it can help to include some sketches. These can help the reader see the process you are describing. You may, of course, want to choose some other animal or object, but drawing cats can be quite fun.

    If you are a seasoned gamer, you may have made it your mission to beat, say, Call of Duty. In the event you would like to help other gamers by sharing your expertise, you could consider giving tips on mastering this game or just on how to get through an especially challenging part of it. Hesitating Suffering from paper writing? We help you to come through! It is difficult to say how many people have successfully managed to bathe a reluctant cat.

    However, if you belong to the small few who can claim success, you should consider explaining your technique to others who may be struggling with this often difficult task. If you choose to explain to readers how to master the art of the free throw, one of the first considerations is the level of experience or proficiency that your readers have.

    For example, do your readers already play basketball and just want a few tips on improving their existing game? Or, are you addressing people who have not previously played basketball and are not even familiar with the term "free throw.

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    Process essay point of view

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