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Nokia was the largest maker of mobile phone in the whole world. The company produced about 17 series which include hundred of mobile phone. Obviously, the big competitors are Apple and Android. Stephen Elop said that the company was surrounded by innovative competitors, who are grabbing its market share. Furthermore, he realized that the industry changed, thus, it was time or Nokia to change faster Johnson, This essay will discuss how Nokia change to increase their market share.

This paper will focus on cultural change of Nokia and will also emphasis on how that cultural change can be undertaken. The last section will propose advantages and drawbacks of the change process. Overall, the change can be undertaken and it is positive to Nokia. Nokia was founded in when engineer Fredrik Idestam established a mill to manufacture pulp and paper on the Nokia River in Finland.

A typically Nordic egalitarian and communitarian side to the Nokia culture is that emphasized joint achievement and rewards.

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In everyday interaction, the most important were shared vision, goals, knowledge, openness, speed and integrity. For instance, managers were willing to share skills and information with team members to create greater commitment. Firstly, Nokia Way and Values are fact-based and value-based leadership.

Providing equal opportunities to employees and using internal communications and feedback channels. Secondly, they used performance-based rewarding system and connected people bonus and incentive payment Pringle, Nokia had launched various initiatives to help foreign hires understand the Finnish culture. Typically, strategy was not imposed top down, but was the combined result of decisions made throughout the organization. Moreover, department managers had the freedom to find extra money for promising ideas, even within the six-month planning and budgeting cycle Dano, In addition, in , the company introduced a buns plan that paid all employees in the organization apart from those with options 5 percent of their base salary if earnings per share grew by more than 35 percent.

Nokia's Pioneer Marketing History Essay

Kotter and Heskett argued that culture represents an interdepended set of values and ways of behaving that are common in a community and that tend to perpetuate themselves, sometimes over long periods of time. As mentioned in the background section, one of the main cultures of Nokia is Finnish Culture Kotter and Heskett, That is to say Nokia particular emphasis on Finnish Culture and insulated from outsiders.


On the other hand, they lack of innovation and they always spend so lengthy time to develop products. Another problem is that they lack of focus, which means they produce too many products on the market. In response to these problems, Nokia should change their organizational culture. There are a variety of methods in examining how organizations change their cultures including strategic planning, training, organization redesign to promote teamwork, and changes to appraisal systems Burnes, In addition, this vision should provide straightforward purpose and direction for cultural change Burnes, The purpose and direction is that accept more foreign culture and employees to absorb more great ideas to improve their innovation.

Secondly, this cultural change must be managed from the top level of Nokia, such as senior managers. We had a series of misses.

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Story of NOKIA company

The brand boasts a significant number of users from around the world, ranging from Europe to the Americas, and from Africa to the Asia Pacific. Nokia's success has been aided by its experience, innovation and its user-friendliness and thus, has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and other related products around the globe Some of the "hats" he wore during his lifetime were farmer, teacher, activist for the deaf, pioneer settler, 49er, journalist, and politician.

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The consistent theme in Booth's life, one to which he always returned, was his commitment to the deaf: working for the rights of all deaf people in this country, including education of deaf children. Booth's interest in deaf issues was very personal since he himself had lost all of his hearing by the time he was eight years old, he was struck down during an outbreak of "spotted fever" cerebrospinal meningitis Better Essays words 3 pages.

Nokia connects people to each other and the information that matters to them with easy-to-use and modern products like mobile phones, devices and solutions for imaging, games, media and businesses. Nokia provides equipment, solutions and services for network operators and businesses. Nokia is a broadly held company with listings on four major exchanges His goal was to make accessing these networks easy enough for anyone to manage.

Though AOL has changed dramatically since those days, ease of use has remained a primary consideration in all changes visible to the user. Much maligned by the more "serious" services and their subscribers in the past, AOL has risen to be the industry leader despite challenges and the image of being the J. Free Essays words 1. Nokia's Pioneer Marketing History Essay. Essay Preview.

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nokia company background essays Nokia company background essays
nokia company background essays Nokia company background essays
nokia company background essays Nokia company background essays
nokia company background essays Nokia company background essays
nokia company background essays Nokia company background essays
nokia company background essays Nokia company background essays
nokia company background essays Nokia company background essays
nokia company background essays Nokia company background essays

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