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MLT Clinical Chemistry. Principles, procedures and application of basic and advanced diagnostic tests in clinical chemistry for all body fluids.

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Emphasis on correlation of results with clinical significance, interpreting quality control data, and mastering basic lab skills. Directed individual advanced study. Advanced Honors-level directed individual study. Must meet criteria set forth in the Honors Course Checklist used to approve regular honors courses. Capstone course in Medical Laboratory Technology. Other Required Hours: Field Experience: 36 hours per week. MLT Advanced Phlebotomy.

Review of theory and techniques for phlebotomy procedures. Presentation of basic procedures involved in point-of-care testing and unregulated laboratory test procedures. Emphasis on universal precautions, safety, communication, interpersonal skills, and ethical considerations relating to patients. Seminar discussion of practicum experience.

Integration of knowledge acquired in basic, technical and non-technical areas in preparation for professional roles and life-long professional growth and development. Seminar discussion of clinical experience. The operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment, function verification, analysis of quality control and application of corrective action is studied and performed.

Emphasis on organization, increased speed, accuracy, confidence and independent performance. Case studies are analyzed, data interpreted and findings are correlated to clinical significance and differential diagnoses. MLT Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology 3 Credits This introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology provides an overview of the profession, safety, blood collection and processing, code of ethics, basic clinical laboratory equipment and instrumentation, basic lab math, quality control and assurance.

Lecture: 2 hours. Our follow up has verified that we have had no additional problems since making this change. Proficiency testing PT assessments Names of participating staff and the respective scores are recorded as part of the QA study. Any corrective action is also noted, along with appropriate follow up. In addition, an annual PT summary is generated, which evaluates the overall PT performance of the laboratory for the previous calendar year. Comparison of test results This type of comparison can be easily applied to multiple instrumentation or methodologies that a laboratory possesses, such as glucometers used for point-of-care POC testing.

Relationship of patient information to patient test results Inconsistencies may be noted during a post-analytic review, such as in patient chart audits or when receiving conflicting results from an outside lab. Documentation of a reference lab computer glitch our nursing staff questioned an inconsistent follow-up report on a patient enabled our lab to track errors occurring at other facilities.

A QA study was also implemented when a billing question arose due to two urine chemistry tests being performed at our health department several hours apart. This situation was resolved when brought to the attention of the clinician. The difference was due to her instructions to the patient to drink lots of water between the tests since the patient was dehydrated.

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Personnel assessment At the end of the year, a QA study is completed listing all testing personnel, including nursing staff who perform testing, the number of laboratory continuing education units CEUs required by our facility, along with the actual number of laboratory CEUs earned. Communications In one instance, an unusual test request by a new clinician was missed because it was not part of a standing order. The medical consultant and requesting clinician were contacted, and the issue was resolved.

The lab supervisor initiated corrective action by re-emphasizing the necessity to examine all laboratory requests carefully. Complaint investigations Examples of frivolous complaints may include those lodged by an overly anxious patient during phlebotomy, or a physician who demands an unreasonable turnaround time. On the other hand, no complaint should be dismissed without ample consideration of the circumstances.

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For example, a discrepant hemoglobin result was noted and reported by a clinician to the laboratory. Upon investigation, it was determined that this discrepancy was caused by reagent deterioration, due to improper storage of reagent microcuvettes. Corrective action included the replacement of the microcuvettes in use, verification of proper QC performance of the new microcuvettes, and review with all testing personnel the manufacturers instructions regarding proper handling, storage and use of the microcuvettes.

Quality assurance review with staff Each month, we review the patient test management QA studies for the in-house tests, as well as the referred specimens. Review of the semiannual QA team meetings between the laboratory supervisor, medical consultant, health director and director of nursing are also reviewed and documented in the staff meeting minutes. Our quality assurance records Staff involvement in quality assurance reduces documentation errors. Because our laboratory uses a team approach to quality assurance, QA documentation has become an efficient aspect of the daily workflow, rather than a separate, time-consuming task.

Templates have been developed for routine monitoring, making completion of these studies a standardized yet simple task. Rotation of the laboratory staff for routine QA studies provides everyone a chance to be involved in the QA process. With a standard, computer template format, completion of the QA study is straightforward.

It has been our observation that the monthly rotation of staff for completion of assigned QA studies has significantly reduced documentation errors in our laboratory.

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

There has been a threefold decrease in documentation errors since staff involvement was implemented four years ago. Our in-house test documentation error rate has dropped from 4.

Credit on annual performance appraisals is given to lab personnel for their participation. One of the patient test management assessments surveys all patient requisitions, including specimen-collection information and results reported on a single day. The time and date the specimen is received and tested, initials of laboratory technician performing the test and the implementation of standing orders and panic values are monitored. The required patient information, which is entered by registration, is also monitored.

In addition, the date, time of collection and clinician ID are evaluated for completeness if the specimen is collected outside the laboratory. The training provided in the BSc in Clinical Laboratory Science will produce competent graduates who are technically skilled and highly professional members of the health care team. The programme has been designed to:. Persons with higher level qualifications will also be considered. All qualified applicants will be required to attend an interview. Applicants must have attained their 17th birthday by December 30th of the year of entry.

Students must have attained the assigned credits, with a B- in all fundamental courses and a C in the Cores and Electives by the completion of the programme. At the end of the programme, the Clinical Laboratory Scientist would be able to enter into the field of:. Application fees are non-refundable.

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Programmes of study which are undersubscribed will not be offered. BSc Programmes. Environmental Health Inspection.

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