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Essay on A High School Stereotype - Words | Cram

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The popular girl- The all known female social hierarchy is dominated by, yes, the "popular girl. First, the popular girl is always beautiful, the conventional, Hollywood type of beautiful that inspires envy in just mere spectators in the hallway. However secondly, with this beauty comes with enough self-doubt and insecurity to outlast One Tree Hill which is quite a feat if I do say so myself. Often, actually on almost all occasions, the "popular girl" is displayed as judgmental and just an overall bad word that starts with a B.

Now, if the "popular girl" has such a terrible connotation in popular culture, then why do girls have this innate desire to be this insecure, harsh person who sits on a delusional pedestal above all of her "subjects? The jock- Contrary to the Popular Girl the Jock is less complex and can be summed up in one word: Testosterone.

Yes, that pesky little hormone that makes up both the best and worst qualities in teenage boys. The jocks are the guys whose lives revolve around victories, whether it's "da bait" or on the playing field.

And then flaunting said victories in everyone's faces. You could say that the reason for the jocks' cockiness and lack of sympathy for anyone who can't put a ball through a net is created by society's obsession with sports. Think about it, sports stars get unconditional media love and copious amounts of money. For what exactly? Similarly, the captain of the football team in high school receives praise and is looked upon as a school hero of some sort.

Our fascination with physical strength and "winning" can turn an otherwise fine young man into a jock.

Highschool Stereotypes Essay

The "jock" will always be a common reoccurring stereotype because I would assume at least our culture's emphasis on sports doesn't appear to be waning anytime soon. The nerd- Nerd, geek, dweeb, dork, that weird kid who I copy off of in science, no matter what you call this stereotype one thing always remains the same, the "nerd" stereotype is at the bottom of the cutthroat high school social hierarchy.

Teens are cruel, probably the cruelest out of any age group except for old people, they're vicious , and that makes being at the bottom miserable. Shouldn't people actually make the effort to get to know someone before they are automatically tossed away into the outer planets of a far away galaxy terra formed by people in the future?

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  6. Well, as previously stated, teens are cruel. Not everyone can be finely tuned to every meme inadvertently implemented by the Jersey Shore and it is for this reason that there will always be "nerds" who do not necessarily follow the pack when it comes to behaving in social situations. Whether it's knowing more than the textbook or being totally psyched for the new Green Lantern movie for reasons besides Ryan Reynolds nerdy reference numero tres!

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    high school stereotypes essay High school stereotypes essay
    high school stereotypes essay High school stereotypes essay
    high school stereotypes essay High school stereotypes essay
    high school stereotypes essay High school stereotypes essay
    high school stereotypes essay High school stereotypes essay
    high school stereotypes essay High school stereotypes essay

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