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Supplemental Content Full text links. External link. The negative effects occurs due to nutrition deficiency, imbalance hormones and low metabolic process. At this life stage, Sam is physical and mentally not that much strong to fight with the disease and he is also not able to take a action or stand to solve his personal problems. Both factors such as social and biological affects the Sam's behaviour Sigelman and Rider, For the well being of Sam, both the mental and physical health is most important.

The successful behaviour depends on attitudes, behaviour, social and environmental factor. As per given case study Sam is facing some issues like mental disorder and depression, so, in this situation of Sam, he wants proper care and support from his family, friends and society. It is also very important to take low calorie intake, reduce the addicts and more exercise which will help to improve the health.

To reduce the stress and improve the attitudes it is very important to develop the psychological and cognitive tactics Zentall and Galef, In case of Sam regular and proper medication also a important factor to improve his health. Due to high level of stress, Sam also has the chances to loss his memory because he is a Alzheimer patient. In this condition the social role will help to remember his own identity and also help to develop self confidence in him. All these help him to maintain conformity and traditional positive behaviour. In this difficult time of period, the social roles will help to achieve the good health in Sam.

The working and friendly environment of care home will help to boost his confidence and improve his health. The society of Sam can offer him help and support in both financial and non financial manner Barlow, All these will surely give positive impact on the Sam's behaviour because he will feel that all are taking good care of him and also giving personal attention to him.

Task 3B 3. The involvement of technology, the researcher are able to invent new techniques which will help to provide the treatment in better quality to the service users.

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With the help of psychological theories, researcher are easily understanding the mental disorders and according to that service providers are providing better treatment facilities to the patients Hoff, Through the psychology theory, future condition of mental disorder service user's is predicted The Purpose of Psychology Theories, The research process of these theories helps to develop and enhance the research and treatment field.

The updated research and new innovations helps to enhance the knowledge of treatment facility.

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With these theories, the researcher feel motivated and influenced more towards to identify more factors which causes the mental disorder. With the help of this theories, psychologist improve their learnings and they easily identifies the factors which causes the mental disorder in individual. The term behaviour change is also a part of psychological concepts.

In an individual, to bring the psychological and behavioural changes few factors are responsible such as social, personal and environmental etc. The service users generally perceives that quality services of health and social care are only able to improve their health Hazen and Goldstein, In case of any disorientation in facilities and services which are provide to service user will usually hamper the image of service providers.

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For example, a service user having depression problem is getting treatment from NHS professional, in this NHS refer as a brand name and any issue it will impact the image of NHS expert. In present time, organization as a big brand name is responsible to keep the service users more loyal towards itself. The cognitive theory of Piaget stated that continuous learning process will help to change the behaviour Vaughan and Rodriguez, Due to learning process, individual can change their negative behaviour such as smoking or addiction etc. The process of learning also help an individual to improve their health and social care in more effective way.

Further in this context, the psychological principle is changing in environmental conditions which supports the negative behaviour Psychological principles, The environmental conditions always changes the behaviour and due to the changing process, negative convert to positive environment.

The positive environment supports the positive behaviour which helps to improve the health and social care services Jarvis, To provide the better quality treatment services to service users, care provider and professional have to change the environment in more positive manner. The positive environment will inspire service users to stay associated with the health care organization.

The health and social care is growing and vast industry and it always try to provide better quality services to all service users according their demands and requirements. In this sector it is very important for service providers and health care professionals to develop a cordial relation with service users. In the relationship, presence of trust factor should be available between both service user and provider Jarrett, The presence of distrust factor may hamper the understanding in negative way which is not beneficial for both service user and service provider.

The trust factor will create healthy relationship between both service user and provider.

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The poor relationship with family and care givers can make the negative attitude about mental and physical health. Further it could be the reason for stress and irritation condition. With the help of psychological theories, the knowledge about negative behaviour may obtain. In the healthy relationship, service user can easily express their issues and problems with their health care professionals Heider, In same way, health care professional will be able to solve the issues of patients because he will be full aware about the health condition of patient. With the help of healthy relationship, the possible outcomes of treatment will be in more positive manner.

For the betterment of patient, the care and support is very important Apostolopoulos, In this context, the relationship with family, friends and society is very important because with the help of them, service user will be able to recover fast. For example, a service user is addicted to smoking and his wife is not supporting to quit the smoking.

His wife continuously nagging but still he was trying to avoid smoking. In this situation, his wife is demoting the patient to quit the smoking. With the help of this example it is easily understood that relationship with family and other are very important to improve the health of service users. Conclusion With the help of this report it is identified that psychological theories plays a important role in health and social care sector.

In the addition this report also helps to understand the factors like social and biological which influence and shapes the behaviour of human.

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Thus to identify the impact of various factors, the psychological theories provide evidence for treatment services and study. It also includes the concept that social roles are very important in health and social care Further in this report it is also described that psychological theories affects the individual's behaviour change and it also describes that psychological theories can enhance the understanding of relationships in health and social care sector.

In last it is articulated that to generate a better health care services and facilities, psychological theories must be effectively developed and studied.

Cameron, A. Factors that promote and hinder joint and integrated working between health and social care services. Research Briefing.

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Nevid, J. Psychology: Concepts and Applications. Oakley, L. Cognitive Development.

essay on health psychology Essay on health psychology
essay on health psychology Essay on health psychology
essay on health psychology Essay on health psychology
essay on health psychology Essay on health psychology
essay on health psychology Essay on health psychology

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