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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chicago Taylor, Carolyn Samuel. While the merits of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are widely studied and recognized, less is known about how the firm should go about using its resources to optimize these constructs, and how the optimization of these constructs may affect firm value. The first essay examines the effect of advertising effort on customer satisfaction and its implications for firm value.

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The second essay delves into analyzing the conceptual components of customer loyalty by exploring the effect of a firm's resource allocation choices on its loyalty capability, which is defined in this dissertation as a firm's ability to convert its resources into customer loyalty. In these first two essays collectively, I argue that the efficient optimization of both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty will positively impact a firm's performance in the market. The final essay examines customer satisfaction within a global context, and explores the extent to which market familiarity and experience contributes to a multinational corporation's MNC's ability to provide valuable offerings with which consumers in the host country express satisfaction.

The results of Essay I suggest that firms can over- or underadvertise with respect to optimizing customer satisfaction. This advertising ineffectiveness, particularly overadvertising, is detrimental to firm value. Moreover, this study shows that analyzing the impact of advertising on market value without accounting for effectiveness may lead to biased results. The findings from Essay II demonstrate that loyalty capabilities may vary across firms and over time due in part to the firms' advertising allocations, level of innovation, category characteristics, and portfolio strategy.

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The findings also suggest that loyalty capability contributes to firm performance. The following are ways suggested by Kennedy that the employees can be trained on to give excellent telephone service:. End the call correctly. Just as a positive first impression starts the call off on a good note, ending the call correctly will leave a memorable lasting impression as well. The issue is not the mistake per se; rather, the issue is how the mistake is handled by the staff and management.

Many hotels now have employee training programs as to how to handle cope with upset or irate guests. Of course, hotels do not intentionally make errors and will try to fix them in any way they can possible. Even though mistakes are inevitable, they can also be useful to a hotel to in identifying problems that need to be addressed.

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Brown as stated by cited in Fu, , p. Comment cards and surveys are very important essential to hotels to understand what customers are thinking and feeling about their hotel and how to improve their business. Comment cards and surveys can convey both positive and negative customer feedback and should not be taken lightly by the hotel. Schindlerhof Hotel SH is an example of a hotel that provides comment cards to their guests and takes the information very seriously.

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Comment cards should be placed throughout the hotel to ensure that customers have easy access to them and can return them easily as well. These surveys are done conducted to gather information from customers on their satisfaction with hotels and what improvements can be made. The study indicates that the overall satisfaction in every category dropped, except for luxury and extended stay, from the previous year Baker, Customer satisfaction is one of the most widely surveyed categories in the hotel industry and is important when reviewing policies within hotels.

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Another way that customer satisfaction can be surveyed is by going through customer letters and comment cards and tallying the complaints and compliments to help understand what the customers want. The most effective way to create customer satisfaction is by having a friendly and helpful staff.

The most important thing to remember when reviewing customer comment cards and surveys is that, without the customer, the business would not survive. A common misconception is that when a customer is satisfied with a business they will be loyal; however, this is not always the case. Customers require more than satisfaction with a hotel in order to be loyal.

Waller as stated by cited in Strauss, states:. Mere satisfaction does not create loyalty. We expect to be satisfied. It takes delight-recognition, feeling valued, being made to fee special. If the business traveler is just another guest, and is not recognized, he or she will jump to another hotel on the next trip with no hesitation, no matter how satisfied their stay.

Hotel companies need to establish an emotional connection. This may seem like a gimmick to some people, but for Hampton Inn, it works to help retain customers and keep them satisfied. Loyalty programs are becoming more and more popular among businesses and especially in hotels. Other than loyalty programs, below are some ways that hotels can build a more loyal customer base:. Seriously consider using an outside communications firm with direct marketing specialists on staff who know how to:.

The image of a hotel can have a substantial impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. They go on to list five ways in which loyalty can be built see figure Powerful Essays words 4.

Customer Satisfaction: Free Essay Sample & Outline

Safety: Personal safety, Protection safety and Storage safety 2. Convenient: Help unload luggage, Quick checkout, Alternative way of consumption and appropriate reimbursement bills 3.

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  • Private: Quiet rest environment, Secret receive a visitor and Hidden gifts distribution method 4. Respect: Initiative to say hello, Call the office and Help them call a car, etc. Customer loyalty: Customer loyalty related to the degree of customer satisfaction, it is a quantitative concept Powerful Essays words 5.

    An end user needs only a smartphone and internet service—either your mobile carrier or WiFi—to use this innovative cross-platform application that instantly connects them to friends and family Powerful Essays words 2.

    5 Underused Customer Loyalty Strategies

    In this case will be explained the customer metrics: customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer loyalty.

    essay on customer loyalty Essay on customer loyalty
    essay on customer loyalty Essay on customer loyalty
    essay on customer loyalty Essay on customer loyalty
    essay on customer loyalty Essay on customer loyalty
    essay on customer loyalty Essay on customer loyalty
    essay on customer loyalty Essay on customer loyalty

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