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The architect has a much different idea of hard work. Their workday is not the ordinary 9 to 5; what they do could take them 10 to 15 hours a day, if not longer. They have a project to finish.

Argumentative Essay: Success Takes Hard Work

They are more than a body. Their work mostly takes place in the mind. Architects are skilled artists with intelligence and critical-thinking skills; they read books at night, write in the morning, and exercise during lunch. Their job is fun to them, and they wake up excited to get to it and create something.

They worked hard in life to develop the necessary skills, to get the necessary education, and made all the right decisions, to be an architect — and so every day is their reward because they get to work at doing it.

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They work hard because they want to. The construction worker, most likely, does not do his job out of passion. They do it because they get paid well for them to do it. Businesses also want hardworking people to fill their management positions. Hard work is also essential in sports.

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This was my first year playing softball and I loved it. In conclusion, hard work is the only way to excel in life, especially in Sports, academics, and at a job. You need to take charge and work hard. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email.

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    Hard Work Essay: Examples and Tips |

    Forgotten password. Invalid email address! Back to Login. Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. More by this author Follow Rockerchic Their minds are always preoccupied with their thoughts and they never go around broadcasting their views to the whole world. They do discuss matters with their friends and relations but they put their thoughts into actions as soon as they have talked about them.

    They do not indulge in gossip and they put all their energies into their work. Such people are good examples of their juniors as they also inspire those who work with and under them. They remain silent but their work and achievements speak. Have you read these?

    essay about success and hard work Essay about success and hard work
    essay about success and hard work Essay about success and hard work
    essay about success and hard work Essay about success and hard work
    essay about success and hard work Essay about success and hard work
    essay about success and hard work Essay about success and hard work

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