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Employee handbook contains policies and procedures for the employees. It has all the terms and conditions of employment. The main purpose of an employee handbook is to communicate to the employees the fair and just policies of an organization.

Workplace Discrimination

An employee handbook of different organizations will have different details because of the varying nature of the business carried out by the organization however the main purpose of the handbook will remain the same. An employee handbook for a health care organization will have their own set of policies and procedures. An employee handbook for a health care…… [Read More]. Sheriff Jones caused an internal investigation to b conducted. The investigation found that Smith has not violated any law or policies of the department and further did not violate any rule regarding the use of fire arms.

After all these findings disciplinary charges were made against Smith and were awarded with 30 days suspension. After a due process hearing the board which went into the issue concluded that Smith was at fault in the incident and created dangerous situations for himself the public and the victim.

The 30 day suspension was upheld by the board. Against all these actions Smith went to Court alleging racial discrimination as the cause of withholding active duty from him. Issues Presented Prima facie on seeing the facts there are incidences that make us believe that there could have been racial discrimination.

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The primary fact was that Smith had vision impairment. If so, it was…… [Read More]. Business Ethics and Gender Discrimination. Ethics and Human Resource Management As society progressed out of the 19th century - an era when two-thirds of all women were illiterate -- women embarked on a mass migration that would see them out of their kitchens and into the workplace Thompson, More than a hundred years later and having survived a few extreme feminist movements between then and now , we enter the post-feminist era; an era where rhetoric is focused on gender equality and equity.

It has been over a century, but negative gender stereotypes are still an issue that plagues the careers of many women. Gender discrimination is a global phenomenon and there are few effective steps taken in order to solve this problem Kline, Gender Discrimination in the Work Place. Gender and Career Success Herrback and Mignonac performed a study of women employees to examine the relationship between career anchors, subjective views of career success, and perceptions of gender discrimination. Essentially, the study monitored whether or not women felt that their gender was getting in the way of their career goals.

The researchers found that "perceived gender discrimination was negatively related to the subjective career success overall" Herrback, Mignonac, , p. In other words, when women failed to achieve career goals they felt that gender inequality was the reason.

Legal Guidelines Protect Employees

Moreover, the anchors such as management or security and independence made the perceptions less or sharper respectively. What this shows is that women in the workplace do not feel as though gender is an issue if they are given a comfortable degree of autonomy and job security. On the other hand, if they have ambitions that are not…… [Read More]. Disability Act in the Workplace.

Workplace Discrimination: Free Definition Essay Samples and Examples

Slotting summer jobs or paid internships specifically for high school, college and post-grad students with disabilities; 2 Affirmative action and mentoring for people with disabilities. Whether and how to implement affirmative action depends on organizational culture and applicable law. In your organization's newsletter, bulletin board and reports, to the extent that other groups and people are included; 5 Track the speed of handling of reasonable accommodation requests and the satisfaction of employees and supervisors with outcomes; 6 Ensure the assignment of people with disabilities in management and other leadership positions; and 7 Managers and employees to be trained and re-trained within time guidelines.

Cohen, Stated as necessary evaluation that is ongoing in nature of the success of the organization in making the necessary accommodations provisions for individuals with disabilities are those as follows:…… [Read More]. Affirmative Action in the Workplace. Human Resource Management Issues -- Affirmative Action The long history of the United States includes a shameful three-century-long period during which African people were rounded up in their native lands, bound by shackles, forced into the putrid, rat-infested holds of ships, and transported to North America where they were worked, often to death, as slaves, especially in the southern states.

Despite the fact that the institution of slavery officially ended by the enactment of the Thirteenth Constitutional Amendment, known as the Emancipation Proclamation, it would be an entire century before black Americans received the full rights of citizenship and the same protections of law to which they had officially been entitled since the era immediately following end of the American Civil War. Diversity in the Workplace.

Diversity in the Workplace The increase in globalization has resulted in greater levels of interaction of individuals from diverse cultures and beliefs than ever before in the history of the world. As noted in the work of Green, Lopez, Wysocki and Kepner "People no longer live and work in an insular marketplace; they are now part of a worldwide economy with competition coming from nearly every continent.

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Relationships in the Workplace Are Often Positive. Relationships in the workplace are often positive in nature and allow for employees to enjoy their work experience. It is not uncommon for life-long friendships, romances, or even marriages to be born out of the relationships of coworkers.

However, these same relationships can also create a very uncomfortable work environment. Perhaps the most controversial workplace relationship is the office romance. Detrimental effects of these types of relationships range from sexual harassment suits to retaliatory actions after the breakup to jealousy from coworkers who believe that a person has climbed the corporate ladder by "sleeping his or her way to the top.

This poll concluded that thirteen percent of employers had a written policy on workplace romance. Fourteen percent claimed that they had a "clear understanding" of expected behaviors even though there was…… [Read More]. There are several things that can be done by an individual if an employee is witnessing discrimination, whether it be because of religion, race, national origin, gender, gender identity, or because of the age of a worker.

If the discrimination is being conducted by another worker, clearly this should be reported to management. It would not be my place to go to the perpetrator and try to stop him. Hence, I should inform the union representative, or the appropriate manager at work.

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  4. Of course there is the risk that if I report that rude person for bullying another worker, or for making detrimental comments to that person, when the perpetrator finds out it was me I would be taking the risk of retaliation from that person. Still, it is…… [Read More]. Managing Diversity in the Workplace. Building and Maintaining a Diverse Workforce Agencies are required to develop a good understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses so as to plan their programs to their best advantage. An agency acquires this information by evaluating the views of the employees on diversity issues.

    Analysis of the trends and projections of the workforce in determination of the skills gaps and necessitates and devising successive planning strategies are crucial moves for agency strategic and business planning. Such efforts facilitate the managers with the required facts so as to be aware of the assignment of resources and the making the necessary planning for the future work of the organization and the points of concentration of their energy to produce a high performance organization.

    Building and Maintaining a Diverse Workforce The successful managers understand the necessary skills for producing a successful diverse workforce. Firstly they should be aware of the discrimination and…… [Read More]. How immigrants deal with discrimination. Though the author earns upward economic and social mobility by doggedly pursuing education, his life is characterized by a shaky personal and legal limbo which serves to eclipse his occupational and academic successes.

    In the end, the book might best function as a fine accompaniment to other undocumented migrant-related researches and literature for scholarly audiences Emily The writer bravely tackles a few stereotypes specific to Mexican migrants, in a candid and personal manner. Migrant stereotypes have remained a grave issue, whether…… [Read More]. Analyzing the Social Discrimination. Social discrimination is a form of bigotry in which social decency toward or against an individual or group is based on social impression of their outlook, beliefs, or behavior.

    It can be a concerted behavior directed towards a group in affirmative action or negative behavior directed against a particular group as in race and tribal discrimination. The latter is the most typical meaning, i. Social discrimination in areas such as race or religion is illegalized in most Western cultures, whilst discriminating people on the basis of virtue is normally acceptable. In case biased discrimination happens, it is normally identified as discrimination toward an individual person or a group, rather than discrimination between people or groups, which is openly the discernment of qualities and recognition of the differences.

    Human Resources -- Sexual Discrimination. Individuals who are sexually harassed at work experience stress. It is now more common knowledge that stress manifests itself physically in our bodies. Thus, persons who are sexually harassed may have aches, pains, headaches, muscle tensions, digestive problems, and actually, a very large array of physical symptoms that stem from additional stress experienced at work. The relationships of those who are sexually harassed suffer as well. People who are sexually harassed suffer from diminished self-esteem and perhaps also depression.

    These people withdraw and avoid social gatherings, withdraw from their friends and families, and participate less in group activities, including work meetings. The lack of physical and social contact can cause further psychological and emotional damage to a person who is already suffering. Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws. Equal Employment Act Federal laws have been passed in order to provide protection for American citizens from discrimination in a number of different instances. This paper will also present legal cases in which all three of these laws have become involved in litigation, and will also include an example of a Human Relations policy for each, which reflects that there has been compliance in specific workplaces.

    The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of ADEA This law, enacted in , was designed to protect people over the age of 40 from being discriminated against based on their age. In short, it is against the law to discriminate against an individual due to his or her age, according to the U. This…… [Read More]. Sexual Discrimination in the Work Force. Sex Discrimination in the Workplace Salomon Smith Barney is one of the world's largest financial brokerage groups, with headquarters in New York City and offices serving more than countries around the world.

    What is a Gender Discrimination Essay?

    Recent studies indicate that the financial industry as a whole continues many practices that are discriminatory to women, such as unequal pay as well and discriminatory hiring and promotion practices. This paper examines whether a gender gap in pay and promotion does exist within Salomon Smith Barney and the issues these practices raise from a human resources standpoint. Finally, the paper makes recommendations on how the human resources department could help Salomon Smith Barney avoid clams based on sex discrimination in the future.

    Studies comparing the salaries of men and women show a dramatic disparity in…… [Read More]. Employers Discrimination Should Employers Be. Ball There are many reasons, beyond meeting legal requirements, that businesses should not discriminate based on irrelevant criteria and in fact promote diversity. Having a diverse workplace can be the wellspring of creativity as different people bring their own perspectives, life experience, and abilities together to form new ideas.

    Employers, and managers within a company, must first be aware of diversity issues such as culture and race issues. Then, policies should be put into place that protect individuals within the company from being subject to discrimination and prevent discrimination from playing a part in hiring new employees. Ethics in the Workplace. Ethics in the Workplace Organizational ethics is an area that is gaining increased importance in formal professional education. Ethics are moral rules that guide the behavior and conduct of an individual. Since ethics are shaped by personal factors like religion, family, society, law and culture, it is unlikely that two people share the same ethical standards or viewpoints Weiss , p.

    employment discrimination essay outline Employment discrimination essay outline
    employment discrimination essay outline Employment discrimination essay outline
    employment discrimination essay outline Employment discrimination essay outline
    employment discrimination essay outline Employment discrimination essay outline
    employment discrimination essay outline Employment discrimination essay outline

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