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Those who are considered related through family were of a certain importance and closeness that if one of them was killed, it should become a duty for his relatives to vindicate his death and punish the perpetrator. Even though Beowulf and Achilles had many common heroic qualities such as courage and strength, there were many differences between them. To understand the differences we must take a closer look at the motivations of each of them; Achilles was a great warrior that sought glory and fame through revenge, social status and through the pursuit of power, while Beowulf sought glory through a different path; his main concern was to save and protect his people and his soldiers.

Achilles was capable of anything to reach his goals, while Beowulf followed his higher values in all cases; those values were loyalty, pride and courtesy. The evil character presented by the story is the typical one that possesses tremendous powers and that has the most horrendous of looks.

It is the one that can be found in many ancient stories and in some cases, many fairytales that aim at giving a clear image of evil and of its deeds and of its objectives, which are mostly to cause harm and pain to everyone around him.

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The evil character, in this story, has no further goals to obtain through the killing and the terror caused, because those means are the same as the ends. While the good character, Beowulf, is pure and courageous. He is willing to do anything to prevent any more harm and to stop the evil forces that are working in the world around him. He chooses to kill the monster, not because of the joy of killing, but to save the people and the city. And he does not choose to do so because he wants to be considered a hero, but because he is really a hero who does not expect anything in return for his actions.

The confrontation, as portrayed throughout the poem, is the one that is mentioned in different stories in some cases, religious stories. Evil, no matter how powerful and no matter how fearless, will have to face the powers of good and only the chosen one, who has all the required physical and mental tools, will be able to stop and defeat the powers of evil and to purify the world and will bring justice, love and happiness.

In his attempt to give us a clear idea of the various factors related to the fight between good and evil, the poet manages to describe the whole story in a way that can be used in any time and for any culture; because this specific fight is always valid. The dreams and aspirations of people are the same as they have never changed, and most probably, they will never change: To be able to have a peaceful life, to be able to offer good life to their children, and to be able to have justice and equality.

Beowulf is simply the hero that everyone wishes to have in order to realize those dreams and aspirations. Reference Beowulf. Translated by Charles Kennedy. Home Papers Beowulf Good vs.

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The title scene could be seen as a reflection of the personality of Norman Bates as the credits themselves are presented…. Login Join. Home Page Good vs Evil Essay.

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Good vs Evil Essay Submitted By sallyhodee. Open Document. Good versus evil Good versus evil have been a classical contract that been used for centuries.

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It has been used in books, films and plays. It has a big influence on us. That is a known fact. Evil comes in many forms and shapes, the obvious thing to say about evil is that it is the opposite of good. Everyone does have evil in them and they are very well capable of doing bad things. This fight in not yours, nor is it up to any man except me to measure his strength against the monster or to prove his worth, I shall win the gold by my courage, or else mortal combat, doom of battle, will bear your lord away.

In Beowulf, the conflict between good and bad is the poem's main and most important aspect. The poet makes it clear that good and evil do not exist as only opposites, but that both qualities are present in everyone. Beowulf represents the ability to do good, or to perform acts selflessly in help of others. Goodness is also showed throughout this epic as having the ability to cleanse evil. Even though evil is presented by Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the dragon.

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Good vs. Evil in Beowulf

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'Good vs. Evil' in Beowulf

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