Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011

ayn rand essay contests 2011

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Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest

Sept 17 Ayn Rand Essay Contest. Essay on "Atlas Shrugged. AES Scholarship. None - prove character. M essay. Nov 1 each yr. Dec 1, Maryknoll Student Essay Contest. Grades Dec 31 each yr. This blacklisting of Marx and simultaneous worship of Rand has left us with a debate between ideological reasoning on the right and empirical observations on the left. This has removed the possibility of logical progression, and left only the possibility of a victory in political popularity. This breakdown in logical discussion has been a key contributing factor in the crippling stalemate of contemporary American politics.

The focal point in the modern debate between these two great thinkers is the extent to which the federal government should regulate and tax private industry and the so-called job creators who manage it. This classification of haves and have-nots is a far cry from the proletariat and bourgeoisie divide Marx imaged over years ago.

Likewise, the rise of the global economy has stratified political classes in a way Rand could not have foreseen. With this shift in class identity and equally important shift in world economies, we can no longer rely on the pictures of society Marx and Rand painted, but rather must focus on the principles they established in response.

At the heart of this socioeconomic debate is the question of who creates value: is value primarily created by man-hours of labor or rather by the ingenuity of entrepreneurs in organizing the factors of production? In his time, Marx claimed that the capitalist owner exploits the labor of the proletariat worker, excising part of the value their work creates. Rand, in response, claimed that it is not the capitalists who exploit the laborers, but just the opposite: that the laborers live off of the ideas and mental efforts of the freethinking entrepreneurs.

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When you work in a modern factory, you are paid, not only for your labor, but for all the productive genius which has made that factory possible. Rand Neither he nor Rand properly draw such a connection, and yet it has become a landmark assumption of the modern objectivist argument. The most notable of these is the character James Taggart, a rich industrialist Rand villainizes for his inability to think critically and independently from popular opinion and government edict Thomas.

Instead, he presupposes that profit is equal to value created and assumes all those who make a profit must themselves create value. No matter how he frames it, Binswanger removes the possibility of logical argumentation when he makes statements like this:. Anyone who earns a million dollars or more should be exempt from all income taxes. And the real issue is not financial, but moral. Earlier in the piece, Binswanger attempts to qualify and frame this statement by condemning the likes of Bernie Madoff, but he fails to recognize that, had he written this piece just a few years earlier, he would have been advocating awarding Madoff with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Binswanger opposes the profit of men like Madoff, but fails to build this opposition into his principled statements of theory. Binswanger poses these provocative statements to elicit a response from the left-wing Occupy sympathizers, but the absence of a core left-wing ideology leaves them without a theoretical framework with which to evaluate his claims. Had Marx been allowed in on the discussion, it could become a debate over theories of value or ethical egoism itself. This means that the value created in the production of a good is a function only of the labor input.

Working under this theory, Marx concluded that the profits of capitalists, who themselves put a very small amount of labor into each good produced, must represent a seized portion of the value created by the laborer. Students who wish to submit an essay, but do not own a copy of Anthem , The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged may request a free book at www. For more information about this scholarship opportunity, please contact Essays aynrand. Entered the contest last year but didnt make it to the finalist round. I got a book as a consolation prize. I attempted to read The Fountainhead for the essay, but I was a slow reader.

Completed the book on my own passionate yet slow rate. Not much of a reader, so it has stayed a favorite since! Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011 Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011
ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011 Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011
ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011 Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011
ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011 Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011
ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011 Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011
ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011 Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011
ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011 Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011
ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011 Ayn rand atlas shrugged essay contest 2011

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