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Focus on the multiplier effect indicates that the move has far-reaching effects on the performance of the entire economy. The raise of minimum pay is important more so in the period of economic downturn.

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This means that the employers have access to cheap labor given the increased labor supply in the economy. Therefore, there is no incentive to the employers that makes them pay better salaries. This unique issue calls for the inclusion of the employers in the debate. It also calls for an order setting the wage level since the market forces are more likely to place it in the lowest levels possible. Focus on the development of the minimum wages in the lowest income group is important since the group is more likely to spend.

The more the workers spend, the higher the demand hence the improvement in the gross domestic product. Bernstein, Jared. Krugman, Paul R, and Robin Wells. New York: Worth Publishers, Procedia Economics and Finance 6 : Parkin, Michael, Melanie Powell, and K.

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P Matthews. Harlow: Addison-Wesley, New York: McGraw-Hill, Sloman, John, and Mark Sutcliffe. Mandatory overtime definition is hours in excess agreed upon, predetermined and enforced in an established work schedule. It is important to note that nurses are health care organization greatest expense, and, as a result, they are increasingly working overtime. The health care industry is a sensitive industry and being a nurse is a calling.

Overtime has become a fact in nursing it has been in the media and has brought about a lot of controversy Bae, Overtime has been an issue for many years, and it will mostly continue to be a challenge for nurses in the future. One understands that in order to save lives, there is a need for a greater element of sacrifice. There are some benefits that accrue with mandatory overtime, this paper is going to describe some of those benefits that come with it. Factors that contribute to working overtime. These include the denial of leaves, paying out the vacation pay without the actual vacation, and begging nurses to work even when they are sick.

There are those who argue that forced overtime or mandatory overtime is a desperate, and short sighted strategy which forces a few nurses to work harder and harder. In addition to the shortage of nurses, there are other factors that often contribute to overtime. They include weather conditions and other unmanageable events which may prevent typical shifts Bournes, One cannot just leave the health unit and leave a patient without care, therefore, in these situations one has to work overtime in a bid to ensure that he or she compensates for the missing nurse.

Further, during an ongoing procedure, the professional ethics inculcated into nurses often prevent them from leaving their scheduled hours of work. Advantages of working mandatory overtime. There is always a need to make that one extra dollar, and in this case, the most obvious benefit is extra cash for the nurses. Nurses that work mandatory overtime often have more cash because the overtime charges are often different from the regular working hours. Therefore, the registered nurses often add extra cash earned to, in addition to the regular wages, that they already possess. Being a nurse is a calling, and, therefore, one has to be ready to work regularly at 40 hours per week further, one must always be available during an emergency.

Hospitals are often understaffed and consequently working overtime has with time become mandatory in a bid to maintain quality services to patients. By a nurse working extra shifts per week he or she can be able to earn about twice the wages of a typical workweek. It is important to note that the health care sector is one of the few industries that often pay a lot when it comes over time. The law authorizes that there is a compensation of 1. This, therefore, means that a nurse can be able to raise a lot of money during over-time. There are some places where nurses pay for overtime is high, for each hour they work over eight hours per day, further, it is also of importance to note that, in the health care industry, all hours worked more than 12 in one day receive pay at a double standard hourly rate.

This has made some nurses richer than doctors in terms of the salaries they earn, a typical nurse who works mandatory overtime often makes about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year. This is more than a doctor who often makes around two hundred and thirty thousand dollars per year Bournes, Consequently, it can be seen that indeed working overtime is of crucial importance to the wages of the nurses as they are able to rake in more money as a result of working mandatory overtime. Before one goes into the nursing profession, one often knows and understands that his or her life might never be the same again.

This is because a person usually immerses him or herself into the tight schedule that comes with being a nurse. A nurse, when needed during the day or night, should always be on standby, this is because nurses often deal with human lives and it is general knowledge that the human life is fragile and needs adequate and quality health care in order to ensure that one resumes body normalcy and good health Bournes, Therefore, despite working mandatory overtime hours the nurses often feel that they have played their cards right and that they have serviced humanity.

They feel that they have done their job, and this leads to satisfaction. The health care sector is very sensitive this is because it deals with human lives. Consequently, there is always a need for increased and optimum productivity National League for Nursing, For this reason, when there is a requirement for the nurses to work overtime, there is the benefit that accrues of increased levels of productivity.

This is important as a lot of work in long hours is achieved, this means that the services to patients is at a rate that is fast and consequently their road to recovery increases dramatically. Further, it is important to note that there are nurses who are still in the working mindset when 8 hours have passed; therefore, these nurses are able to work over 10 hours without fatigue.

Disadvantages of working overtime. However, there are dissenting opinions that come with working mandatory overtime. There has been concern for the long term effects that come with working overtime the leading issue has been fatiguing of the nurses.

National Minimum Wage - Arguments For and Against With Evaluation

Working over 40 hours per week is tedious, and one is often fatigued, therefore, in the long run one finds that the body is not working properly and optimally. This fatigue often leads to a diminished quality of care, near misses and errors. These careless mistakes that come with fatigue can be afforded in any other industry but never the health care industry.

This is because one error can be the line that exists between life and death. Consequently, in the health care sector there is a need to ensure that the perfect quality is given to patients Bournes, Research indicates the risk that comes with making an error for a nurse increases significantly when the work shift in a day is longer than twelve hours.

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The health care sector has been avoidant when it comes to this issue, other industries have already realized the relationship that exists when it comes to making an error and fatigue National League for Nursing, For instance, when it comes to the airline and trucking industries, there is often a limit the number of hours a pilot or a truck driver can work in a week. There is also the time left for them to replenish and be rejuvenated in between the runs and flights.

By the fact that the nurses have licenses, it means that they are often responsible and accountable for the decisions, inactions and actions Campbell, Therefore, when fatigued they jeopardize their work in a bid to get more pay. Further, it can be seen that sometimes it's not their fault because it is mandatory to work overtime and sometimes the fatigue completely removes their ability to perform in patient safety.

The American Nurses Association has taken a position which states that regardless of the number of hours that one has worked, each registered nurse has an ethical responsibility to evaluate his or her fatigue level. This also includes the mandatory as well as the voluntary overtime assignment. The optimal working capacity of the body is eight hours per day, therefore, when nurses exceed this limit they often put their health at risk.

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  • According to a study done by the John Hopkins University, working overtime increases the probability of heart attacks and heart disease. Further, the more frequent that not, nurses often feel what is referred to as burnout. Burnout is a condition where one feels that he or she is extremely and completely exhausted and overwhelmed. The cause of this overworking leaves one feeling drained and sickly.

    Arguments For and Against Minimum Wage

    According to a study by the Aragon Institute of health sciences, persons who often work more than 40 hours per week often increase their risk of burnout by six fold, this is in comparison to the people who work less than 35 hours when it comes to a week National League for Nursing, It is also significant to note that working for long hours has had an association with several adverse effects. They include ulcers, depression, and stomach problems, these diseases although treatable are often very bad for worker, this is because one cannot be the normal self and consequently one feels as if they are losing touch with the society Campbell, There is also the problem of budget dependency, when one works overtime regularly, he or she most likely begins to rely on the additional income and, therefore, lets the expenses creep up in order to match the increased income.

    In most cases, this often becomes a problem this is because over time depends on the patient census if there is a decrease in the census of the patients, then the situation might change will little notice. This means that the finances will also change, and in the end one may feel stressed by working overtime as well as increased stress about what one will do when one is no longer offered the mandatory overtime. Therefore, one should avoid counting on the income that comes with mandatory overtime to pay day to day expenses.

    A nurse can be only be in one place at a time, and, therefore, if he or she is working late then this means that one is missing something else. While making more money during the mandatory overtime might be beneficial to a family financially, the family is much more likely to suffer in other ways. For example, the family, in addition to the losing of, time with family and friends, one might be more irritable towards them when one is on his or her time off Campbell, Further, it has also been reported that nurses who work mandatory time have no time to teach their children some important life skills, they often leave this work to the caregivers such as nannies.

    Why America Needs a $15 Minimum Wage | Economic Policy Institute

    Therefore, a child of a nurse might not grow into the ideals of the father or mother because they never spent time together primarily because of the mandatory overtime. Consequently, the balancing of work and life is hard enough even without the added constraints that come with working mandatory overtime. In conclusion, there are both disadvantages and advantages that come with working overtime, however, the advantages clearly outdo the disadvantages.

    This is because the most important thing when one is a nurse is to ensure that he or she saves the patients that one is taking care of. If there is a need for mandatory overtime working hours in order to restore the health of a person, then nurses should always be to the task. The most obvious benefit that comes with mandatory overtime is the money that comes from it, a nurse can live comfortably due to the rise in his or her salary Campbell, People in the health care industry, especially the nurses, are often the highest paid when it comes to overtime, this is because all their concentration is in need when it comes to taking care of patients.

    Another advantage is the fact that there is satisfaction, when one has sacrificed his or her personal time in a bid to make sure that a patient is safe and gets back to good health, one feels important and contented with life. It is then that a nurse often forgets the number of hours that he has spent awake while taking care of the patient.

    On the other hand, what has an advantage always has a disadvantage. This, therefore, means that there are also disadvantages that come with mandatory overtime. The first major issue is the health of the nurse, working overtime often creates health problems for the nurse due to fatigue and burnout.

    The Perfect All-in-One Solution for Federal, State, and Foundation Grantees

    The nurse is often not able to work optimally, and this might jeopardize the quality of services that he or she gives to the patient. It is important to note that nurses deal with fragile people and, therefore; there is never a window for an error or mistake. References National League for Nursing. Nursing outlook. Journal of nursing regulation.

    Bae, S. January 01, Mandatory overtime regulations and nurse overtime. Bournes, D.

    argument essay minimum wage Argument essay minimum wage
    argument essay minimum wage Argument essay minimum wage
    argument essay minimum wage Argument essay minimum wage
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