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This is something that students realize not while in school, but when they themselves face the same as they mature with time. This is also a day when we as students can pledge to our teachers that their efforts will not go waste and that we shall endeavor to uphold and imbibe all the positive values imparted by them. However, it is on this day that a teacher likes to feel loved, recognized and appreciated by students and therefore, an extra effort by students in making the teacher feel special is always very welcome.

This is a day when teachers sit back and allow the students to understand the responsibilities that a teacher has and also to give a brief glimpse of the daily pressures they face, as students go about conducting classes for junior students. So plan the day well and enjoy each moment as it comes along. Teachers always prefer a hand-made gift which could be a card or a paper-based idea. For those seeking an off-the-shelf product, one can choose small items like cups, souvenirs with the name of the teacher mentioned on it along with your name and class.

This way, should the teacher preserve his or her gift, it will help the teacher recall your name and the batch that you studied with. Remember, keep it simple and low cost, for a gift must express your feeling and effort and not the cost. The good teacher explains.


The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

His teacher was the great philosopher — Aristotle. The training does not change teacher practice or improve the learning of students Gulamhussein,, It is my believe that teachers want to improve their practice but are not receiving effective professional development to support their growth.

While research show many factors can impact academic achievement Rockoff found that teachers having. In the twenty first century, teachers have to collaborate with other professionals to promote student learning and establish a learning environment where students interact positively and share their knowledge. There are many different activities that teachers have to implement in the classroom to motivate and engage students in the lesson.

In order for students to experience success and maximize their learning, teachers have to provide activities where students interact and exchange information. Doctors, psychologists, dentists, teachers, and nurses are other helping professions. It is not easy to work in a helping profession. If you are one of those helping professionals, you are expected to provide effective services for anyone with whom you work. The question then becomes how can you make sure that you are providing effective treatment. So what is it that makes behavior analysts and behavior analysis as a field unique and effective?

How does another helping profession such. Transitioning from student to teacher can leave future educators questioning if they are truly prepared to enter into the classroom for the first time. Perhaps most feel confident about the training they received over the principles and procedures that will help prepare them but what happens once they leave the comfort of their mentor teachers and venture off into their career. During the time of his professional career, he was much appreciated by their students and other young generation so he became inspiration for all.

When Dr. A good teacher is the person who is treated as most respected person in a student life due to his unconditional effort and support for shaping and making his academic career and future bright and successful.

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Teacher is the person who does not create discrimination among students and treat equally to all. To give him honour and feel proud, students create various new ideas for celebrating this auspicious day of Teachers Day every year. In India, almost all the schools and colleges celebrate Teachers day in different ways like a cultural function is arranged by students for the appreciation of teachers which includes drama, competition of singing, dancing, mimicry and many other things.

Some of the Teachers got award for their excellent work done for the academic future of students.

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Students show their love, affection and respect towards their favourite teachers by offering cards, flower or some special gifts. They prepare a little speech in honour to their respected teachers. In various schools a reunion is arranged on that day to make teachers feel important and special for their old students too.

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We the people of India have always respect and grateful to our teachers beyond any other person in our life. We believe that our hard work, determination and a good teacher can take us to the unlimited heights of success in life. In India teachers Day is celebrated on 5 th September every year. Guru Purnima is being celebrated in India, since the advent of civilization.

The respect and devotion for a guru is so deeply rooted in Indian psychology since ages, that in Mahabharata, Eklavya cut his thumb and gave it to Dronacharya, whom he had worshiped as his Guru, when Dronacharya asked for guru Dakshina. A form of offering to a Guru as a mark of respect for him. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ,who was born on September 5 , and was a very distinguished scholar of Philosophy. He served in many renowned universities, including the University of Oxford.


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He was awarded Knighthood in , Bharat Ratna in and a honorary membership of the British Royal order of merit in In , when Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was the President, he was asked by his students and followers to allow them to celebrate his birthday each year as a mark of gratitude towards him and his contributions to the society. Statues of Dr.

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In offices, the photograph of Dr. Radhakrishnan is garlanded and every employee takes their turn to say a word about his achievements and contributions and pay tribute to the former President and a great Scholar and a profound teacher. It is a lay back day for the teachers as they are excused from following the daily routine.

1000 words essay on teacher 1000 words essay on teacher
1000 words essay on teacher 1000 words essay on teacher
1000 words essay on teacher 1000 words essay on teacher
1000 words essay on teacher 1000 words essay on teacher
1000 words essay on teacher 1000 words essay on teacher
1000 words essay on teacher 1000 words essay on teacher

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